Haltian Ltd is an engineering house with world-class talent in high technology electronics design and productization. We design and develop any and all kinds of connected devices, and our expertise ranges from miniaturised mechanics combined with sensors and radio technology to high quality software and user experience.  We also offer IoT service and product design.

Founded in September 2012, the company started out as a startup of five people, a group of experts from Nokia’s top product development team. With a valuable access to the excellent competence in the Oulu region, we have been able to grow our team with one top professional after another, majority of them having on average fifteen years of wireless technology industry.

We have experience in wireless product development including concept work, industrial design services, modelling, and tolerance analyses and testing, with optimised size and features added by efficient power management. We create fully functional devices for any operating system, all the way up to mass production. 

We co-operate, network and form alliances with other companies, and work together to provide benefits for all sides, most importantly our customers. Our B2B alliances enable a one-stop shop style service where the sourcing and subcontracting burden is taken away from the customer and taken on by Haltian.

Fully owned by its founders and employees, we continue building our future on many markets. Currently our focus is mainly on the US and Central Europe but we also continue to seek new collaborations globally. We already have the first Fortune Global 500 customer projects running and the next ones are being planned.

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Haltian IOT protocols comparison.
There is no one-size-fits-all connectivity technology that can provide an optimal solution for all IoT applications. It is a question of selecting the best-suited option for each use-case at hand.